This year, a projected $965 billion will be spent by consumers shopping for the holidays. Whether you’re trying to attract foot traffic into your storefront or going after the estimated 14% increase in online spending this season, it’s important to stay visible with a strong digital strategy that gets your products and deals in front of customers.

Make sure that the ads you serve are relevant to the customer’s stage of considering a purchase. You need to think about how you can win conversions from upper- and mid-funnel shoppers, as well as from shoppers who only need one more nudge to make a purchase. A full-funnel creative approach will help you tackle shopping cart abandonment, build new audiences, and expand your overall sales volume.

Holiday Themed Visuals

From snowflakes to stockings, festive imagery that’s layered into your creative will remind customers to buy gifts for their loved ones—or for themselves.

For upper-funnel campaigns, target your all-visitors segment and homepage bouncers with branded, holiday- themed ads. Entice them to explore your product catalog. After they come back and browse a few different items, get clever with your ads and feature recommended gifts.

For lower-funnel shoppers and shopping-cart abandoners, set up highly personalized ads that bring them back to complete their purchases. Call out time-sensitive deals to remind them of the upcoming holidays.

Create ads in all the top-performing ad sizes to make sure you catch every opportunity for reaching customers across the web, social networks, and mobile devices.


Dynamic Creative Ads

A dynamic-ad solution can turn your entire catalog of products into personalized, on-brand ads. Show dynamic ads to promote products that users are likely to click on based on their previously viewed items.

Get creative with your recommended products and adjust your approach for matching product-specific ad creative to audience segments. For example, you can target shoppers who previously browsed women’s fashions and serve them ads for accessories that would make great gifts.

AdRoll can help create a custom dynamic banner and can then pull from your dynamic feed to populate it with images, messaging, and product details that are personalized to the specific, individual viewer.

Here are some ways to re-engage audiences with your dynamic product feed:

  • Highlight previously viewed products
  • Make recommendations based on browsing history
  • Showcase the most popular items on your site
  • Suggest great gifts for moms, dads, girlfriends, et al.
  • Focus on promotion-specific categories


Calls to Action

On an ad, a clear call to action (CTA) lets the audience know exactly what to expect when they click—and what your brand has to offer. A recent analysis of AdRoll clients using Facebook found that click-through rates (CTRs) increased 2.84x when adding a CTA. Put a little extra thought into your CTA buttons to boost incremental performance.

Start by aligning your creative strategy to your audience segments. Use generic, branded ads for upper-funnel users to increase recognition and awareness. As you move down the funnel, your messaging and CTAs should get stronger, inviting users to “Buy Now” or “Get it today!” When you have sales, consider featuring promos and incentives with CTAs that create a sense of urgency, like “Shop Today Only” or “Get x% off Now”.

For lower-funnel, high-intent users, offer additional incentives to drive those incremental conversions. This might include offers for a free trial or free shipping, or a bonus gift or promotion. Two-for-one deals are a great way to entice gift givers who are also looking for new products for themselves.


The holidays bring big rewards to prepared marketers. We’re here to provide best practices for the season and help you have a successful holiday campaign.

For more tips and tricks, download our comprehensive how-to Holiday Strategy Guide today!