Valentine’s is a big day for retail brands: on average, US consumers spend $135 on Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones.

Last year, online purchases for apparel, jewelry and gifts, and health and beauty all rose by more than 15% YoY, driven by a huge uptick in mobile shopping. To make sure they capture Valentine’s Day shoppers, retail brands need to invest in optimizing display and retargeting campaigns for the holiday.

For brands like luxury designer lingerie store Journelle, Valentine’s Day can be a big opportunity, if tackled correctly. Here are our top Valentine’s Day marketing tips for retail brands:

1. Use advanced segmentation to deliver personalized ads. Create audience segments based on user demographics and which product pages they visited. Men who browsed your site for women’s jewelry or beauty products are likely shopping for a significant other. Help them find the right gift by retargeting with themed creative and messaging: “Something she’ll love,” or “Gifts to make her smile.”

Valentine’s Day is a great time to start dynamic ad campaigns that draw on an individual shopper’s browsing history, and serve customized ads with personalized recommendations and messaging.

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2. Maximize real estate on mobile. Mobile shopping soared last Valentine’s, accounting for 36.8% of all online traffic and 17.2% of all online sales. Social had a large influence as well, with shoppers browsing social networks for reviews and referrals on gifts. Shoppers referred from Facebook spent an average $125.24 per order. Make sure you reach customers where it matters most by setting up mobile and social campaigns in addition to web retargeting—and optimize your mobile site to create a seamless experience for shoppers.

Mobile has been a hugely successful channel for brands like Journelle, who have seen CPA 86% lower than goal with mobile retargeting.

3. Be consistent with messaging and creative. Your cross-device campaigns should send the same message to maintain a consistent user experience. Consistent creative and messaging during this busy period will build familiarity and recognition with your brand. Your creative should also reflect the spirit of Valentine’s Day, both with text and colors.

Maximize your impact across all devices by uploading the most popular sizes for different channels and devices.


4. Optimize landing pages. Make sure your customers land in the right place when they click on one of your ads. If your banner says “Best Gifts for Him,” it should bring users to a page with best-selling product recommendations for men. Consider offering shopping tools on your site to help gift-givers hone in on hot items. Give shoppers options to filter products by price, style, reviews, etc. Journelle’s Valentine’s Day Guide to Gifting, for example, gives uncertain shoppers some direction on how to find the perfect gift.

WBL2YUFGG5HZLLQCFEISU45. Promote promotions. Both thoughtful shoppers and impulsive last-minute buyers will be looking for a deal; offer free shipping for Valentine’s Day or custom gift wrapping to help drive conversions. Promote discounts that will help encourage shoppers to pick you over your competitors.


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