Online retail shopping continues to grow at double-digit pace: a recent IBM report forecasts a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10% through 2018. Meanwhile, m-Commerce sales increased by more than 37.2% between 2013 and 2014. As mobile usage continues to soar, so will its share of online sales this holiday season. These tips will help you drive success as you’re planning holiday campaigns:

Be competitive with cross-platform campaigns and higher bids

Every year we see a rise in competition for ad inventory during the holiday season as brands jump in to capitalize on heightened demand. In order to stay competitive, advertisers should increase CPM bids and frequency caps to win inventory and make sure they stay top of mind with prime shoppers during the holiday bustle.

As a recent Internet Retailer survey indicates, 20% of site sales and over 43% of site traffic will come from mobile devices this holiday season. eMarketer also forecasts that tablets will account for ⅔ of m-Commerce sales. When shoppers jump between different devices and apps, your ads should reach them wherever they browse. Aim for a cross-platform approach tapping into as many inventory sources as possible, including FacebookTwitter, web, CRM, video—and of course mobile. AdRoll clients who’ve deployed cross-platform retargeting campaigns have enjoyed a 229% boost in total conversion volume on average.

Use a full-funnel strategy to maximize results

Cart abandonment may be one of the primary ways retailers fall short of their holiday sales goals. While many retailers have a game plan for tackling the problem through lower-funnel retargeting, we’re now seeing sophisticated marketers create a full-funnel strategy that draws in sales from upper-funnel and mid-funnel campaigns.

For example, an effective upper-funnel campaign might target all website visitors with branded ads conveying the company value proposition. A mid-funnel campaign might target visitors who came to the apparel section of your website and re-engage them with related product ads encouraging them to continue shopping.

Re-think your targeting and segmentation strategies to account for the way consumer purchasing changes during the holiday season: they aren’t just shopping for themselves, but for friends and family members who might fall in different demographic categories.

Drive repeat purchase through extended cookie durations and CRM targeting

According to IBM, 55% of consumers expect retailers to use purchasing and behavioral data to offer relevant promotions. The holiday season is a great time to treat your existing customers to a discount or promotion. After all, they’ve already had a great experience with your brand and purchased from you in the past, so they’re likely to purchase again. Focus on post-conversion consumers by extending your segment duration to 6 months or a year and displaying your top-selling products or products that are complementary to what they’ve purchased in the past.

You can also take advantage of email lists for CRM retargeting and re-engage customers with your current holiday promotions, a gift card, or gift guide. Have an app? Run retargeted ads that drive users to install your app, and you’ll significantly increase their customer lifetime value.

Create urgency with free shipping or discount offers

40% of consumers say they purchase more from retailers that deliver a personalized shopping experience. Ensuring the highest possible ROI on advertising during the holidays calls for more than just expanding your budget: adopt the consumer’s perspective and alter your creative approach accordingly.

In the past, we’ve learned that 39.7% of holiday shoppers actively seek free shipping and 20.9% compare prices online. People are on the lookout for deals. Appeal to bargain-hunters by incorporating promotions and time-sensitive calls to action.

If you’re running dynamic ads, consider altering your strategy to account for customers shopping for someone other than themselves. Serve dynamic ads that display your best-selling products in addition to the specific product the user previously viewed.

For more tips and trends to look out for this holiday season, contact or your account manager.