Are you using dynamic ads in your retargeting campaigns? If not, you could be missing out.

AdRoll advertisers who use dynamic creatives, personalized product recommendations based on browsing behavior, see up to a 115% increase in CTR and 44% lift in ROI.

Now that Facebook has increased the size of its Right-Hand Column ad unit and introduced dynamic ad capabilities into the News Feed, Facebook Exchange (FBX) dynamic creatives performance is higher than ever.  Preferred Hotel Group saw a 2X lift in CTR with 600×315 FBX News Feed dynamic ads over their 200×200 dynamic ads.

Preferred Hotel Group

Landscape-oriented photography, such as this decadent Johannesburg luxury hotel available through Preferred Hotel Group, works great in the 600×315 ad size.

So if you’re looking for new methods to improve marketing ROI, start running dynamic ads in as many of your FBX campaigns as possible—and follow our top three tips for optimizing dynamic ads on Facebook:

Tip 1: Switch your library to landscape


AdRoll client, Ruche, takes advantage of the 600×315 ad size by featuring multiple angles of their gorgeous Zoey Embroidered Dress.

Facebook is moving toward landscape image sizes almost exclusively, which can present a challenge for showcasing some products. Hotel properties and messenger bags might look great in landscape, but apparel items such as dresses and t-shirts are more often shot in portrait. If your products are taller than they are wide, consider stitching together two or three different images of the same product into a single ad. This three-product image approach allows you to feature multiple angles of an item and optimize the landscape ad unit for single product ads.

Interested in how to quickly stitch together product images? Check out our video tutorial.

Tip 2: Use high-resolution photography

Dynamic ads provide the opportunity to show off your entire product catalog, so be sure to put your best foot forward. Consumers respond best to crisp, clear images, especially when viewed on HD monitors and devices. If necessary, reshoot your product photography to produce high-resolution images with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. Your files should have a minimum size of 600×315 and a maximum file size of 1MB  in order to maximize appearance in both the News Feed and RHC.

Tip 3: Keep ad copy light (< 20% text in image)

Facebook provides areas for copy to appear above and below the image, so we recommend leaving copy out of your product images entirely, unless it’s an important part of the product. Some advertisers choose to add a logo on the image. That’s totally your call, but always keep in mind that images in FBX ads cannot have more than 20% text.

facebook sizesFBX is one of the most engaging exchanges, allowing your customers to interact with your brand, and endorse and share your products. Dynamic, captivating and bold imagery is a great tool for maximizing your Facebook retargeting effectiveness on Facebook

If you haven’t yet incorporated dynamic ads into your campaigns on Facebook, contact your account manager or email us at