Despite the importance of tracking performance across channels, only 54% of marketers have an attribution system in place. This is because creating a holistic digital attribution system is a challenge. Today’s consumer has an increasingly device-agnostic buy cycle, with multiple interactions taking place across a range of mobile and desktop devices. Accurate measurement across all these touchpoints is a hard technical problem to solve.

Although marketing teams use multiple channels to drive sales, the majority of marketers still employ single-touch attribution models. These increasingly outdated models aren’t up to the task of tracking which campaigns have the biggest impact on performance and which channels or tactics deserve credit for each conversion.


Most advertisers still opt for a single-point attribution model, but the emphasis on a single channel can lead to flawed reporting that discounts the impact of other channels. For example, an advertiser who follows a last-touch attribution model might decide to turn off their upper-funnel marketing campaigns due to perceived lack of performance. They may not see the effects of that decision until a few months later, when they notice a drop in overall site traffic. Similarly, advertisers who use first-click models may be ignoring the influence of subsequent ads that led a prospect through to conversion.

Although multi-touch attribution can be complex, an effective attribution model will ensure that all channels are analyzed and receive appropriate credit. This leads to deeper insights into your customers and what drives performance. A multi-touch attribution model will help you invest in the right marketing mix to effectively deploy resources against the highest-impact programs.

Attribution and measurement continue to be top-of-mind concerns for most marketers. It may take some time to overcome operational and technological challenges, but savvy marketers acknowledge the value of investing in a custom attribution model that accurately represents the key marketing drivers of customer acquisition and revenue growth.

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