Our latest entry of AdRoll’s Customer Corner features Emi Winslow, Pantheon’s online marketing manager.

We sat down with Emi Winslow, the online marketing manager at web hosting and management company, Pantheon, to discuss her experience running digital marketing programs at a burgeoning B2B business. In her role, Emi is focused on generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

AdRoll: Tell us about Pantheon. When were you founded and what is the company’s mission?

Emi: Pantheon was founded in 2010 with the single mission of building the best platform to host and manage websites. Over the past five years, Pantheon has successfully launched over 100,000 websites and is now the highest rated hosting platform for Drupal and WordPress websites.

Pantheon  handles the majority of the traditional IT and DevOps functions related to websites.  Our platform provides all of the hosting infrastructure and configuration, monitoring, scaling, performance optimization, security and uptime that all serious websites need. We’re funded by the backers of Heroku, ExactTarget and SendGrid. Like us, they’re in it for the long haul.

AdRoll: Pantheon seems to service a wide array of clients from Drupal, WordPress and more. Is marketing to these prospects similar? How do you tackle that?

Emi: When thinking of Pantheon’s target audience, the developers that work with Drupal and those that work with WordPress look fairly similar. However, the ability to target isn’t quite as straightforward. While Drupal has remained mostly geared towards advanced developers and large organizations, WordPress targets a much broader audience. Since Pantheon is most widely used by creative agencies and enterprise level clients, it has been more difficult to hone in on our target audience in the WordPress space.

AdRoll: What are the biggest challenges Pantheon faces when it comes to marketing and new customer acquisition?

Emi: Our biggest challenge comes down to who has the buying power. While our product is really built to help developers build and launch websites—the buyer of our technology is not always on the development team. Much of our advertising targets developers, but there are often times a number of stakeholders when it comes to selection of a website platform. Because of that, we find that we must target a variety of personas.  With so many buyer journeys it’s challenging to really perfect each target.

AdRoll: How did you come to work with AdRoll?

Emi: When I first arrived at Pantheon, I was tasked with revamping the entirety of our online marketing and moving everything from vendor management to in-house. At the time, Pantheon was using Google for retargeting, but to increase the scale and intricacy of our retargeting I decided to move to AdRoll. AdRoll has a larger network and more integrations to reduce the amount of labor required for each campaign.

AdRoll: What products are you currently using and how do they help you address your challenges?

Emi: We are currently utilizing AdRoll’s Retargeting, CRM Retargeting, and CRM Prospecting products.

Retargeting allows us to continue to nurture our visitors in a very targeted way. We are able define our different buyer personas and target each one specifically rather than just pushing a generic message.

The new Marketo integration has allowed us to segment even further and define different stages in the buyer journey. We can now ensure that current customers aren’t seeing lead generation ads, only ads that are applicable to them, such as webinars or product announcements.

Prospecting is a newer addition to our strategy. By creating an act-a-like model [based] off of our top clients we are now able to reach new customers through AdRoll, rather than just individuals that already know Pantheon to some degree.

AdRoll: What was the process like setting up your campaigns and working with AdRoll once they launched?

Emi: Getting everything set up on AdRoll was a breeze. Our account team really took initiative and helped not only with the implementation, but also the general strategy. Since launching, our account manager has helped us scale, and makes sure I’m always first to know about new integrations or launches that will be useful to my overall goals.

AdRoll: What is the going forward plan? What other opportunities do you see for growth within your organization?  

Emi: Going forward, we are paying more attention to how our users and visitors are interacting, and taking that information to send them more tailored messages. We are going to continue to define our different audiences and be more exact with the collateral we put in front of them.  

AdRoll: What is your biggest recommendation to other B2B marketers?

Emi: My best advice to other B2B marketers is to make sure you are adding value with your advertising. At Pantheon, we find that we see the best results when we are promoting truly valuable content. Not only are visitors more likely to re-engage with us if they find the content we’ve targeted to them to be educational, but they are that much more likely to become a paying customer and/or recommend us to others.

Written in collaboration with Emi Winslow. Connect with Emi on LinkedIn and read the latest from her team on the Pantheon blog.

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