Marketers often tell us that creative is a major pain point in the ad creation process. From conception to launch, ensuring that ads are creative and engaging can be a challenging and tedious process. If your ads are too generic, they won’t have much impact on sales or revenue generation. That’s lost time and money for your company.

Here at AdRoll, not only do we work with our clients and create optimized static and flash ads for them, but we’ve also been working to improve our own display ads. Check out below:

As you can see, we’ve spruced up our old ads, and we’re reaping the benefits! With a few tweaks, we’ve seen a nice lift in click-through rates.

So what are some of the most important considerations for improving your own ads?                                                                              

Keep it Simple

Less is almost always more. Typical banner ad sizes are 300×250, 728×90, & 160×600 pixels, so you’re working with very limited space. Busy ads often get overlooked as spam, so keep your ads clean. Keep messaging short and succinct with a direct call to action. Ads without clutter and lengthy copy perform best overall.

Be Bold

With any online ad, you’re competing with a multitude of other ads and distractions for a potential customer’s attention. Whether they’re on a website reading the news or scoping out a blog, your ad needs to be bold enough to catch their attention. Because of this, it’s best to avoid white backgrounds which rarely stand out on a web page. Also, make sure to use large, bold typography to communicate your value proposition. In terms of imagery, pick strong, relevant images.





Prominently Brand

You’ve probably put in a good deal of effort finessing your brand identity and logo. In creating online ads, it’s also equally important to consider your brand’s complementary colors. Use vibrant, contrasting colors that complement your website and branding. Also, you should display your logo prominently, but make sure it’s cohesive and fits well with the overall look and feel of the ad.






Entice Them

Promotions work wonders. Include a free shipping code or other discount to help boost click-through rates. Particularly in retargeting, it’s important to give your potential customers a reason to come back to your site. A small promotion can be that extra push to get them to convert.







Get That Click

So you’ve caught your potential customer’s attention, don’t forget to tell them where to click. Include a large call-to-action button in a color that stands out. Even a small tweak, like changing the call-to-action button from blue to red can vary performance. It’s important to test and optimize this button to be the focal point of your ad.