A lot of advertisers ask us how to build a great banner ad, and we’re happy to help.  Your customers see hundreds of ads daily, and it’s hard to make a good impression. A successful online ad campaign needs quality banner ads, so we’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple: Overly cluttered banners are tuned out. Many banner ads are too busy, packed with images and text that the customer doesn’t really read or need.  Keep your ad simple by using a single image and concise, clear text.

Clarity is golden: Your customers should know from a single glance at your ad what your product is and why they should want it. Your product name and a quick, descriptive slogan should be enough. You know more about your products than anyone else needs to know so write what you want to say and then cut that in half.

Be compelling. Banners that include compelling, interesting offers convert more than ones that don’t. For example, include a promo code specific to your campaign giving customers 10% off their purchase. This will also help you track conversions so you know which campaigns are performing. Free shipping offers also tend to convert well.

Include a call to action: The highest converting banners have a clear call to action directing potential customers to take the next step to becoming converted users. A defined button that says “Buy Now” or “Start Your Free Trial” is a great way to encourage clicks your banner.

If you’re creating banners for a retargeting advertising campaign, remember that your potential customer has already been to your site. Show them something new, or bring them back with a better offer.

AdRoll or one of our partners can help with creating great banner ads. We’ve seen a lot of ads out there, and the best performing ones with the highest click through rates are those which incorporate all or most of the suggestions above.