Content marketing has quickly become a top marketing initiative in the B2B tech sector. Today, 86% of B2B marketers rely on content marketing not only to educate and boost awareness, but also to drive customer action.

Retargeting can play a key role in extending your content strategy to ensure a more personalized experience. Here are 3 ways to drive your content marketing efforts forward with retargeting:  

1. Get in Front of Potential Buyers – in Every Way Possible!

With more than 2.5 million pieces of content on Facebook and nearly 300,000 tweets shared every minute, it is becoming increasingly competitive to ensure your content is reaching your top prospects. We spend an incredible amount of time producing the perfect guide, eBook, and/or video for prospects – but how can you ensure these awesome pieces are reaching the right users and making an impact?

Always think about reach, inventory quality, cross-device exposure, and bidding technology when considering a performance marketing platform. A smart bidder that works in your favor to bid more efficiently and effectively will make a huge difference in promoting your content to the right users.

Reaching your prospects with relevant content effectively not only builds brand awareness, but will help to guide them and familiarize them with your brand during the purchase process.    

2. Build Stand Out Ad Creative

With thousands of content pieces being pushed from a myriad of sources across web and social channels, our average attention span has significantly decreased to just 8 seconds.  Hence, the effort you put into making your ads stand out is crucial – both visually and contextually.  

As much as you may want to cram as much copy as possible to convey information and value, the truth is that you only have a few seconds to capture a prospect’s attention. To better make your ads stand out:

  1. ad-1Keep copy simple, concise, and to the point on the problem you’re solving for. 95% of B2B buyers agreed that they preferred shorter content ad formats.
  2. ad-2Incorporate images and photos to make your ads more appealing. Photos and images are a valuable tactic, especially when optimizing social campaigns. In fact, about 90% of all data that our brains process is visual, and we tend to remember pictures with text as opposed to just messaging.  
  3. Facebook_NF-cont-0233Have strong CTA. at AdRoll we see 23% more clicks and 1.6x more conversions from ads with call to actions that promote free content download


3. Optimize your content strategy

Understanding what your buyers respond to is more important than ever.  When you really get a grasp on what your buyers likes and dislikes, you can develop a more personal and relevant interaction with them.

For example, AdRoll client Xactly Corp provides enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive comp solutions for employee and sales performance management.  With a longer sales cycle, they invest heavily in content marketing educating their buyers to reimagine the motivational powers of incentive comp. Instead of relying on what they think will work, with AdRoll they are able to run various A/B tests comparing different content ads to determine optimal combination of ad copy, call to action, and graphics.  

Running A/B testing across various content ads, copy, and imaging to determine which content your buyers respond to most can help you truly measure how your content ads impacts your share of influence in the market compared to your competitors.

For more great tips on perfecting your content strategy and getting the right eyes on your ads, check out our latest how-to guide: the Performance Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting.