Have you ever noticed that visitors will frequently come to your site but leave without purchasing anything? A common concern for marketers is how they convince these visitors to come back. One way to do this is to retarget them with relevant ads in various places around the web—including sending an email to their inbox.

However, it doesn’t always work the first time. Your initial email might get lost in the shuffle or get buried in their inbox. We know it’s frustrating so we set out to help marketers go after any customer that missed an initial email.

That’s why we released follow-up emails in SendRollThis update allows marketers to retarget visitors with additional messages.

This is important because reaching customers with a sequence of emails can perform incredibly well. In fact,  Smart Touch found that the top 25% of sequential (also known as drip) campaigns were rewarded with a massive 81% higher open rate than single email sends.

So how can you take advantage of these insights? We looked at 150+ of our customers who have set up a sequence of follow-up emails and found the best practices to get more out of your SendRoll emails.

Here are some best practices for a follow-up email:

  1. We found that 3 follow-up emails are the optimal balance of reaching your visitors effectively
    Based on our data, you could do more than 3 but it would be even more important to make sure the extra emails are spaced out so that your users have room to breathe. Also, your first email should send only a few hours after they visit your site. This will help you to capitalize on your visitors highest interest. All subsequent messages can be spaced out a least a day or two from there.
  2. Your 1st email should be short, light, and have a compelling call-to-action (CTA)
    We suggest using a SendRoll-optimized template if you need direction, but the most important thing is to keep the copy simple with something like “Glad you visited us!” Don’t forget to invite them back to your website with a compelling CTA button like “Shop now” or “Apply today”.
  3. In your 2nd email, add in product recommendations
    Adding product recommendations is a powerful way to increase interest in your email. Visitors who see items directly relevant to their interests (i.e., things they viewed on your site) will be encouraged to click through. You can also try including “top products” or “popular products” to showcase best sellers or top items.
  4. In your 3rd email, offer a discount or coupon to entice them back
    Since your recipients haven’t acted on your previous two messages, you want to give a compelling reason for them to return to your site. A coupon code or discount code is effective to drive urgency (especially if the code expires).
  5. Try out a unique subject line with a question or an emoji
    Subject lines are the strongest when they’re short and creative. In your follow-up emails, experiment with a question (e.g. “Are you still looking for __?”) or an emoji that fits your email (i.e. “🔥 products for you”). Based on open rates and clicks, you can see which messages are working.

Follow-up emails are a great way to reach your customers more often in a smart, targeted way. Give these suggestions a try to get the most out of your emails!

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