A real pain point for marketers everywhere is the Christmas holiday period. Even though this lucrative sales time can bring in a large chunk of a retailer’s annual revenue, all too often planning is left to the last minute.That’s why this year we have worked with both Bitly and Selz to create The Ultimate Guide to Retail Christmas Planning.

This guide is a deep dive into preparing for and executing an outstanding silly season. You will learn:

Why starting on time is starting early

The Christmas sales period is about more than just Christmas, there are many holidays to take into account and plan for. Ensure that you’re prepared early to take advantage of everything from Halloween to New Year’s Day.

What to analyse to ensure you’re effectively planning

Last year’s holiday data should be analysed across a range of different metrics. Understanding which results should form your goals and standards for this year is really important as you can always improve on what you’ve done previously. Think and plan now for how you can drive improved results.

How to optimise the customer experience

Our friends at Selz advise on why testing should not be conducted in the middle of the craziest time of year for retailers, optimisations should start now!

How to grow your customer base

Getting in front of new users now is essential to building a healthy sales funnel during the festive rush. Using AdRoll Prospecting now while CPMs are low will build a great base for your retargeting campaign come Christmas.

How to start with influencer marketing  

Influencers are an important part of the marketing mix these days. The clever people at Bitly share some example of brands doing it really well along with some great templates and actionable advice on how to devise an influencer program.

How to make the most of user-generated content

We define what UGC actually is, best practices and how to make the most of the most trusted asset in the content world.


So take a moment to read The Ultimate Guide to Retail Christmas Planning and take the horror out of this holiday season by planning now.