iStock_000037502146_Small_blogWith over 71% of advertisers incorporating retargeting into their marketing mix, it’s not a matter of if you’re going to retarget, but rather how you’re going to.

Here are the 6 Questions that you SHOULD be asking any performance marketing vendor you’re considering for retargeting:

1. What reach and scale can I expect to see from my campaigns?

When thinking about reach, you’ll want to work with a vendor that advertises across all the major exchanges, including native inventory like Apple iAd, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Greater reach across diversified inventory sources will help you get access to broader audiences, but make sure you’re working with a reputable vendor that can filter out fraudulent sources and keep your ads brand-safe.

There’s also a huge benefit to working with one programmatic partner that lets you advertise across channels – including mobile, display, and social platforms. By running your campaigns with one integrated platform, you’re able to use information from one to help inform the others.

Ask your vendor about what technologies they have to serve your ads across these different networks to make sure that you’re getting impressions in front of the customers that matter the most.

2. Are there tools that I can adapt to meet the unique needs of my business?

Every business is different, and retargeting certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important that you find an advertising solution that lets you customize your campaigns to meet your specific marketing objectives.

One key area is segmentation. Segmentation allows brands to create targeted audience groups, then set up campaigns based on specific actions users have taken on your site. For example, you can set up a loyalty campaign for users who converted and reached a thank you page, or a dynamic ad campaign for shoppers who visited a specific product page.

3. Can I launch campaigns with existing data, or integrate with other marketing tools?

Siloed marketing efforts not only create added complexity to manage, but can also dilute performance. Find a retargeting platform that integrates – or at least can work well alongside – your existing solutions to provide an added overall lift.

For example, we’ve recently taken our CRM retargeting to the next level with integrations with Mailchimp and Marketo, so you can get connected directly to your email marketing lists. You can also easily upload .csv files of email lists you’ve collected offline to retarget these users through display.

Ask your vendor about interoperability to ensure you get the most out of the marketing campaigns you’re already running, and that any new tools you’re adding complement your existing marketing stack.

4. What tools are available to help measure campaign performance?

Google paved the way for click-through attribution with PPC, but now even Google is moving away from an attribution model that relies entirely on click-through conversions. Today’s customers are influenced by a myriad of different channels, and each buyer’s journey is unique. Being able to accurately attribute the value of each ad impression and determine how it influenced a subsequent conversion is essential to informing your strategy and optimizing campaigns.

According to comscore, only 8% of Internet users account for 85% of all clicks. How are you measuring the effect your ads have with the other 92% of users? Ask specific questions about performance measurement when talking to your marketing vendor, to make sure you know exactly how you’ll be able to value ad impressions.

5. Is there a high degree of transparency in your ad campaign management tools?

Where are your ads being shown? What are the conversion rates? Are certain creatives performing better? As a marketer, understanding how each different channels are performing is key. Make sure you’re able to get granularity into inventory, site, and ad level performance with your campaigns.

6. What kind of support will I receive?

How much is account management? Does the platform offer creative support? Retargeting strategies can become complex, and you should inquire if there are thresholds for customer support and what that support includes.

Make sure that if someone else is helping to set up your campaigns, they’ll be there to assist you if you need to make changes or work in additional features. You’ll also want to check whether your account manager has worked with companies similar to yours in the past – in size, industry, and audience.

These are just some of the questions you’ll want to make sure you’re discussing when assessing a performance marketing solution.

Of course, we’re happy to answer any of them. To get in touch with an AdRoll representative, contact us or sign up for a free account today.