The holiday period is extremely important for us. Around the holidays, families start preparing their homes for big gatherings and we want to be sure that we are top of mind as they browse for new dining sets and sofas. We also have people who might gift themselves something new, such as a new bedroom set and mattress,” said Pete Franco, Director of Ecommerce at Living Spaces.

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While it might be difficult to gift wrap a couch, the holidays are a critical time for the home furnishings industry. Last year, we saw an average 41% lift in display investment from our home advertisers and this year they’re gearing up for an even larger holiday sales push with upper-funnel and cross-device retargeting strategies.

eMarketer predicts that eCommerce sales will reach $72.4 billion this season, which means there will be a lot of display marketing dollars spent trying to capture some of that holiday fruit cake. But not all that spend will be done thoughtfully or effectively.

Luckily, you can cut through the noise by having a smart performance marketing strategy. As a vertical lead for home furnishings, I’ve compiled some tips for home advertisers looking to bring down the house this holiday season:

  1. Start early

Most home furnishings purchases are big-ticket items that cost several hundred dollars. These items require more consideration time, which requires more brand messages over a longer period of time. Starting early gets you in front of smaller-ticket gift items, like clothing, that can eat away at the holiday shopper’s budget. Starting early also allows you to get the jump on collecting more data, so you (backed by machine-learning algorithms) can bid more intelligently as your holiday campaigns mature. 

  1. Put your best foot forward

Push hard on your best-selling pieces and collections with matching display messaging. Now is the time to double down on best-sellers, the cookware line or the designer who are most popular with your clientele. Familiarity with your best-sellers will drive revenue through the home stretch. Include them in your display creative to make sure your best-known brands are top of mind for gift giving.

  1. Reward loyalty

Re-engage your most loyal contingent—the customers who’ve already purchased from you in the past. Now is the time to prepare creative and campaigns for those who already know your brand well and are more likely to advocate by purchasing gifts for others. With AdRoll’s Smart Pixel you can make sure that you are capturing past converters to send out specific ads for gift giving.

  1. Reach your customers everywhere

Ensure that your reach is truly cross device. eMarketer predicts that mobile shopping will account for 25–50% of holiday shopping spend this year. While only a subset of these will complete the purchase on mobile, it’s clear that a significant portion of shoppers use their mobile devices to do research and compare prices. Our savviest home furnishings advertisers are running retargeting campaigns both on desktop and on mobile devices to ensure that they show up everywhere that their audience is likely to research, engage, or purchase.

  1. Get creative

Now is the time to use promotional discounts and tout specialized items for brand differentiation. Promote recommended products for users at the top of the funnel. Use free shipping promotions to entice high-intent shoppers. Use specific promotion codes for shoppers who demonstrate deeper levels of intent, but who haven’t purchased yet. Additionally, you can use promotional codes and cross selling techniques to turn last season’s shoppers into this season’s gift purchasers. 

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“We are an innovative company and we strategically partner with AdRoll year round. Having a dedicated account manager to help guide us with best practices and emerging trends has been extremely helpful. ” – Rae Gross, Sr. Social Media Manager at Living Spaces

With a thoughtful strategy and AdRoll’s expert staff, you’ll be able to execute more successful campaigns this holiday season. Feel free to contact us to learn more ways that we can drive value to your advertising programs.

For more tips on how to optimize your holiday campaigns, download our 2014 Holiday Strategy Guide.