In the early days of digital advertising, only massive brands with equally massive ad budgets could afford to buy expensive online ad impressions. But thanks to RTB technology and greater inventory, small and medium businesses (SMBs) can now get in on the game.

With the right tools and support, SMB advertisers can successfully run display ad campaigns across the web, social networks, and mobile devices. A smart retargeting strategy can make a huge impact in growing market share.

Here are the top 5 tips SMBs need to go toe to toe with the big dogs:

1. Go where your customers go.

SMB Tips imageYour customers consume media on a bunch of platforms and devices, so you need to run campaigns across all available inventory – including Facebook and Twitter. We’ve found that advertisers who add social to their retargeting mix serve, on average, 5.7% more impressions and get 53% more clicks. Advertisers who add mobile on top of social see an average of 29% more clicks.

2. Nurture leads online with retargeting.

Reach your entire audience to gain traction and maximize conversions, but make sure you’re serving ads that are personalized and relevant to each user. Set up separate campaigns for upper-funnel (all visitors), mid-funnel (visitors who browsed product pages or looked at multiple pages), and lower-funnel (high intent users and shopping cart abandoners). Your upper-funnel campaign should be more focused on branding, while lower-funnel campaigns should offer a strong CTA (think a discount code or free shipping).

When launching your campaigns, make sure to set a budget that is appropriate for the size of your target audience segments.

3. Fight banner fatigue.

If someone sees your ad too many times, it starts to become invisible. By updating ad creative every four to six weeks, you can keep images fresh and interesting.

As you refresh your ad creative, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the four most popular ad sizes to get featured in the right places.
  • Adding a mobile ad unit (320×50) can lead to on average 15% more conversions.
  • Use dynamic creative with different messages for different stages of the funnel.
  • Take advantage of seasonal creative.
  • Prep 600×315 ads—they’re used for all Facebook campaigns, which makes it easy to get on all inventory sources.

4. Track your conversions!

Customize your attribution model and set up a conversion rule to sync Google Analytics and your retargeting campaigns. Make sure to add your average conversion value or enable Enhanced Conversion tracking to read accurate ROI. A fuller picture of assisted conversions and which efforts work best will better inform your marketing strategy.

5. Stay on target.

Careful segmentation will help you reach the right customers. Do you ship internationally? If so, targeting only in the US leaves potential conversions in the dark. Do you want to boost traffic to a particular product page? Build out segments who have demonstrated interest in similar products. Building long-term conversion segments can also be incredibly powerful for reaching loyal users with a high propensity to buy again.

CRM retargetingFinally, SMB advertisers can use the customer data they’ve collected from both online and offline marketing objectives to retarget users across the web using existing CRM lists. CRM retargeting allows advertisers to turn email address lists into audience segments, re-engaging dormant users and multiplying the investment on email databases. AdRoll offers self-service CRM retargeting that makes it easy to upload email lists and launch personalized campaigns around target audience segments.

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