Advertising’s biggest day of the year is almost upon us. While consumers are stocking up on beverages and chicken wings, advertising heavyweights are preparing to bring their A-game to the airwaves. However, you don’t have to spend $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial to capitalize on the mayhem of Super Bowl Sunday.

Brands big and small can, and should, take full advantage of an event where 111.5 million viewers are watching the most popular televised sports event in the U.S. Luckily, we’ve gathered some Super Bowl advertising tips on how to intercept the competition and score big for your marketing team.

1. Leverage Super Bowl and sports content by retargeting site visitors.

If you host viral videos, downloadable content, and other materials on your site, rather than on YouTube, you can build a larger audience for retargeting and serve them personalized ads post-Super Bowl. This will also help your team improve ROI and increase the reach of content campaigns that are traditionally hard to measure beyond web traffic. You don’t have to be BMW or Budweiser to produce amazing Super Bowl content. From New Castle’s interactive campaign to Food52’s Layered Guacamole Dip, brands are producing content that is specific to America’s pastime, but the key is leveraging that content beyond Super Bowl Sunday.

2. Ensure game day success with a mobile optimized web presence.

Most viewers watch the big game on TV with their tablets or smartphones on their person. Hence, this is the best chance to capture TV-to-online traffic. Last year,  90% of the buzz about Super Bowl ads came from mobile devices and mobile sharing was up 67% in 2014. As consumers turn to their mobile devices during commercial breaks or when the stadium randomly has a power outage, be sure they’re enjoying your website with fast load times (especially for videos), a responsive mobile design, a simple and intuitive UX, and a seamless purchasing experience. Additionally, make sure you’re all set to capture valuable user intent data that you can leverage even after the stadium clears out.

3. Incorporate Real-Time social media marketing into your game plan.

Most social media users don’t differentiate between advertising and organic brand voice. While many advertisers will be betting solely on their paid campaigns, the real kicker comes when marketers incorporate an organic component into their strategy. Last year, Nielsen Social Guide found that 5.6 million people in the U.S. sent 25.3 million tweets over the course of the entire game. While fans’ eyes are on TV screens, fingers will be swiping, typing and sharing across the social sphere. Make sure your social media team is using a voice that is consistent with your organic strategy (and vice versa), tweeting, posting and sharing as the game unfolds in front of the nation. Leverage the analytics from your pre-game campaigns to respond to game flow in real time. Last year, brands chose Twitter over Facebook and Instagram for their real-time marketing around the game, although no channel should be ignored.

4. Get down with mobile friendly creative.

Whether you’re running a Super Bowl promotional campaign or regional ads in the cities whose teams are participating this year, make sure mobile plays a role in your ad strategy. Use mobile in-app or native ads to promote your product before the big game, incorporating football themed creative and team colors to heighten the timeliness and relevance of your campaigns. Native ads are particularly appealing to consumers rallying around the team and/or sport that pulls on their heart strings any given Sunday. One way to ensure you’re reaching this massive mobile audience prior to and on game day is to incorporate the three most popular ad sizes for mobile web: 20×50 ad units. Additionally, social buzz has become a big part of game day (as mentioned above). With 78% of Twitter users and 81% of Facebook users accessing the network via mobile, be sure to upload mobile ad sizes to your social campaigns as well.

The Super Bowl is an awesome opportunity for brands of all shapes and sizes. Advertisers can leverage the biggest game of the year to reach fans in a unique, authentic and fun way. Use the tips above to achieve a touchdown this Super Bowl Season, regardless if it’s the Seahawks or the Patriots who take home the trophy.