It’s well known that Facebook can be a fantastic place to connect with your audience. But how do you make the most of each Facebook campaign to do so?

For many brands, having access to 1.18 billion daily active users and several ad types can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can share your message in contextually relevant ways with a variety of audiences. On the other, you have to be mindful in your approach to ensure you yield the best results.

After working with thousands of AdRoll customers currently running Facebook campaigns, I’ve learned a few key ways that brands of every size can win on the platform. Here are 3 ways to boost your Facebook ad performance:

Create Better Segments

  • Take advantage of URL-based audience matching
    • Make sure that you aren’t losing people in the specifics. A user mapped to a specific deep link, like a women’s clothing page, should also be mapped to a broader clothing segment. This allows both segments to grow, while accurately reflecting the visitors within each category.
  • Go wide and narrow
    • Create an all visitors segment that can grow your audience size and help you discover more customers along the way. Create other segments with advanced segmentation logic to really focus on conversion through specific messaging.

Use More First-Party Data

  • External data targeting
    • Adding customer data to Facebook is a great way to improve performance. For example, uploading customer lists or other data sources to Facebook makes it possible to build your own custom audiences. The more data you supply, the more possibilities!

Cater to Your Audience

  • Dynamic product ads
    • Create beautiful dynamic ads on Facebook that automatically feature previously-viewed and recommended products that are personalized according to each user’s browsing activity.
  • Lead ads
    • These allow you to insert a contact form into your ads to collect additional information about leads. With lead ads, Facebook will pre-populate user information such as name and email, so people don’t have to leave Facebook to submit the form.

There’s no data more powerful than your own data. When you combine that with industry best practices, it can yield phenomenal results. Brands that leverage these tips well can expect stronger performance and even better business results for every Facebook campaign.