Sudhir Sharma, Movoto’s Director of Marketing, SEO Traffic Acquisition, shares his ten suggestions for new retargeters in the latest entry of customer corner, a blog series written by—and for—AdRoll customers. 

Creating a retargeting strategy and setting a campaign in motion requires a little work. Once you take the plunge, keep these tips in mind to get the most value for your advertising dollar.

Identify Your Target Audience

You can’t create good content and develop SEO if you don’t know who your visitors are. Create a detailed profile of your perfect customer, including age, gender, income, career, family makeup and lifestyle. Next, dig deeper to find their hopes and dreams, what scares them, what makes them happy and what keeps them up at night.

Create Great Content

Google prioritizes great content. This means your content should be relevant, add value and address your customer’s problems and questions. This serves a dual purpose: it helps you rank better in SERPs, and attracts an audience.

Tighten Up Your SEO

Gone are the days of dumping keywords into an article and posting it to your site. Google will penalize you for it and today’s online customer is too sophisticated to give thin, keyword stuffed content a second look.

Get your SEO tight and clean, using the latest best practices that attract your target customers to your site and move them along the sales funnel. Great SEO will get them to your site, where you can identify them as potential customers and qualified leads.

Determine Your Budget

Before you can choose a platform or put a marketing strategy into action, you have to understand your available funds Retargeting campaigns work on cost-per-click basis, so you’ll need to set goals and decide what you can afford.

Find a Good Platform for Retargeting

Make sure it supports remarketing. Assess what you need and the features you would like to narrow your choices. A “do-it-yourself” platform will ultimately be less expensive than one that has experts who set everything up for you. Several of the bigger, more popular “do-it-yourself” platforms out there are AdRoll, Google Display Network and Chango.

Create and Add Your Remarketing Code

After you choose your ad platform and create your campaign, you’ll get a little snippet of code. This code tells various sites to display your ads to the person who visits that site. Add that code to the appropriate web page. It’s invisible and won’t impact your site’s performance.

Build a Target Audience List

Build an audience list–or several–that indicates which visitors you want the platform to target with ads.

For instance, you might target your site visitors who have started a contact form and abandoned, or those who logged onto your site, selected an item and abandoned their cart. Each segment can then be targeted with messaging based on how close they were to purchasing.

Create Your Remarketing Strategy

This is where the rubber meets the road. You can go with a list-only approach or you can use cookies to track visitors. There is no real blanket approach to retargeting. While some basic principles apply to most campaigns, the intricacies of your company, website and marketing needs will direct the strategy.

Create Your Ads

Your display ads need two elements: relevance to your audience and a compelling call to action (CTA). Don’t stick with one or two ads, though. Try a variety and monitor them so you can determine which work and which need to go back to the drawing board.

Try different messaging, designs, placement and ad sizes to find the ones that your customers respond to best. Keep changing the ads even if they’re small changes, like font color. Viewers get ad-blind when they see the same advertisement again and again.

Keep Iterating

Retargeting gives your brand a chance for a good second impression. Keep this in mind as you kick off your retargeting campaigns. Always test to make sure that you are making an impact. Monitor, analyze and change your ads regularly.

Diligence and consistency go a long way in keeping the campaign moving forward and staying effective, but make sure that you do your homework on the front end as well and learn everything you can about your target audience. That’s the only way to make retargeting work for you.

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