Anahid Basmajian

Anahid Basmajian is responsible for building the AdRoll brand in EMEA. Prior to joining she worked as a Creative Media Director in London and previous to that Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Capgemini Consulting where she led the international sales and marketing strategy for the No.1 Best Selling Business book Leading Digital published by Harvard Business Review. Anahid's creative experience includes setting a Guinness World Record, raising £1million at a fundraising event four years in a row, creating viral PR campaigns and selling a bag of Pic N Mix Sweets for £14,500 on eBay. When Anahid isn't abseiling off buildings dressed as Wonder Woman for charity, she's usually running the London Marathon, shoe shopping or writing for her blog the High Heel Runner. You can follow Anahid on twitter @Brandmajian.

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